The 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers are heating up, and two Andean rivals, Bolivia and Peru, are set to face off in an exciting game on 3:00 PM (ET), November 16, 2023. The game will be held at the Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz, Bolivia, a notoriously difficult venue for visiting teams due to its high altitude.

Bolivia has been on an upward trajectory in recent years, and they will be looking to continue their impressive form against Peru. They are currently in 10th place in the CONMEBOL World Cup qualifying standings, and a win over Peru would put them in a better position in the standings. They have a record of 0-4 so far.

Peru are a squad with a lot of ambition, and they will be looking to bounce back from a disappointing start to the qualifiers. They are currently in 9th place in the standings with a record of 0-1-3, they lost a recent game against big favorites Argentina by 0-2 at home.

Bolivia lineup

Bolivia’s main strength is their home-field advantage. The Hernando Siles Stadium is located at an altitude of over 3,600 meters (11,800 feet), which can be a major disadvantage for visiting teams. Bolivia’s players are acclimated to the altitude, and they have a strong record at home.

The Bolivians trust their players for this game, they have Victor Abrego (no called up for this game) and Rodrigo Ramallo with a goal scored each, although the national team has no victories it is likely that the best players will score to tie or win.

This is the likely Bolivia’s lineup for this game: Guillermo Viscarra; Roberto Fernandez, Jairo Quinteros, Luis Haquin, Jose Sagredo, Miguel Terceros; Henry Vaca, Carmelo Algaranaz, Leonel Justiniano; Ramiro Vaca, Marcelo Moreno.

Peru lineup

Peru’s main strength is their attacking prowess. They have a number of talented attacking players, including Gianluca Lapadula, André Carrillo, and Paolo Guerrero. If they can fire on all cylinders, they will be a tough team to beat.

Peru has veteran players with a lot of experience with the national team, Paolo Guerrero is back, but so far no player has scored goals in the qualifiers. Peru has 0 goals for and 5 goals against.

This is the likely Peru’s lineup for this game: Pedro Gallese, Marcos Lopez, Alexander Callens, Carlos Zambrano, Aldo Corzo; Yoshimar Yotun, Renato Tapia, Joao Grimaldo, Piero Quispe, Franco Zanelatto; Gianluca Lapadula.