Copa America 2021 is over after an unforgettable grand final between Argentina and Brazil at the Maracana. Throughout its history, the prestigious South American competition has seen different champions and memorable teams that left their mark. 

World Cup Qualifiers often show how evenly matched duels are the ones between sides in this region. The eagerly awaited contest that takes place every four years is no exception to that rule, even though some teams have been more successful than others

With some of the sport's greatest national teams featuring world-renown superstars, Copa America is always an attractive event to watch and its latest edition was one to remember. Here, check out how many times each national team has lifted the trophy.

Copa America all-time winners

The first soccer contest to be played between national teams, the Copa America began in 1916 under the name of Campeonato Sudamericano (South American Championship). From then on, it quickly established itself as the most important competition in the continent.

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay were the founding members of the tournament and played between them at first, until the remaining nations began to rise and were given a place. So far, eight of the ten South American countries have won the title. These are the trophies won by every national team:

Team Titles
Uruguay 15
Argentina 15
Brazil 9
Paraguay 2
Peru 2
Chile 2
Bolivia  1
Colombia 1
Ecuador -
Venezuela -

Uruguay and Argentina are the winningest teams of the competition with 15 trophies each and they once again share the first spot of most successful sides. La Albiceleste have struggled to find success for about 28 years until they finally claimed the title this year.

Five-time World Champions Brazil were unable to be dominant in the continent, but over the last years, they have conquered most of the tournamentsEcuador and Venezuela, remain the only two South American nations who haven't won the title yet.