One of the Argentine soccer cup competitions is the Copa de la Liga Profesional. After a regular league season program that had been constantly postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the cup was conceived as a contingency match.

It was called the Copa Diego Armando Maradona in its first season. The Copa de la Liga Professional 2021 will be the second edition of the Copa de la Liga Profesional. It starts on February 12 and ends on May 30, 2021.

26 teams that are playing in the Primera Division during the 2021 season will contest the tournament, including two promoted teams from the Primera Nacional 2020 side (Sarmiento and Platense). The reigning champions are Boca Juniors who beat Banfield on penalties in the Final.

Argentine Copa de la Liga Profesional 2021 Format

The first edition was contested by a total of 24 teams competing in a double round-robin game, which consisted of six groups of four teams each. The two top teams in each region advanced to 'Fase Campeón' and the second to 'Fase Complementación' In the bottom two teams.

In the Campeón phase, the 12 qualified teams, that played a single round-run tournament, were subdivided up into two groups of six teams. Each group's winners played in a neutral venue the final match. Cup champion, who was also eligible for a Copa Libertadores, was the winner of the Fase Cambéon final.

Teams in the complementation stage, on the other hand, played in the same style as the championship process. The winners of the final Fase Complementación played a match with the winner qualifications of the Copa Sudamericana against the competition from Fase Campeon.

A similar format will take place during the second edition with 26 teams, two of whom will be from Primera B Nacional. Two groups of 13 teams will be drawn, and a total of 13 rounds will be played on a single round-robin.

Argentine Copa de la Liga Profesional 2021 Schedule

Here you will find the full 2021 Copa de la Liga Profesional schedule and fixture round by round, including the new teams that have entered the competition this year.

Argentine Copa de la Liga Profesional Round 1:

February 12

Banfield vs Racing, 5:15 PM (ET)
Unión vs Atlético Tucumán, 7:30 PM (ET)
Central Córdoba vs Colón, 7:30 PM (ET)

February 13

Aldosivi vs Godoy Cruz, 3:10 PM (ET)
Talleres vs Patronato, 3:10 PM (ET)
Vélez vs Newell’s, 5:20 PM (ET)
San Lorenzo vs Arsenal, 7:30 PM (ET)

February 14

Defensa y Justicia vs Huracán, 3:10 PM (ET)
Boca vs Gimnasia, 5:20 PM (ET)
Estudiantes vs River, 7:30 PM (ET)

February 15

Rosario Central vs Argentinos, 5:15 PM (ET)
Independiente vs Lanús,  7:30 PM (ET)


Interzonal: Platense vs Sarmiento

Argentine Copa de la Liga Profesional Round 2:

Zone A:

Colón vs San Lorenzo
Arsenal vs Banfield
Racing vs Aldosivi
Godoy Cruz vs Estudiantes
River vs Rosario Central
Argentinos vs Platense

Zone B:

Huracán vs Unión
Lanús vs Defensa y Justicia
Patronato vs Independiente
Gimnasia vs Talleres
Newell's vs Boca
Sarmiento vs Vélez

Interzonal: Atlético Tucumán vs Central Córdoba

Argentine Copa de la Liga Profesional Round 3:

Zone A:

Platense vs River
Rosario Central vs Godoy Cruz
Estudiantes vs Racing
Aldosivi vs Arsenal
Banfield vs Colón
San Lorenzo vs Central Córdoba

Zone B:

Boca vs Sarmiento
Talleres vs Newell's
Independiente vs Gimnasia
Defensa y Justicia vs Patronato
Unión vs Lanús
Atlético Tucumán vs Huracán

Interzonal: Argentinos vs Vélez

Argentine Copa de la Liga Profesional Round 4:

Zone A:

Central Córdoba vs Banfield
Colón vs Aldosivi
Arsenal vs Estudiantes
Racing vs Rosario Central
Godoy Cruz vs Platense
River vs Argentinos

Zone B:

Lanús vs Atlético Tucumán
Patronato vs Unión
Gimnasia vs Defensa y Justicia
Newell's vs Independiente
Sarmiento vs Talleres
Vélez vs Boca

Interzonal: San Lorenzo vs Huracán

Argentine Copa de la Liga Profesional Round 5:

Zone A:

Argentinos vs Godoy Cruz
Platense vs Racing
Rosario Central vs Arsenal
Estudiantes vs Colón
Aldosivi vs Central Córdoba
Banfield vs San Lorenzo

Zone B:

Talleres vs Vélez
Independiente vs Sarmiento
Defensa y Justicia vs Newell's
Unión vs Gimnasia
Atlético Tucumán vs Patronato
Huracán vs Lanús

Interzonal: Boca vs River

Argentine Copa de la Liga Profesional Round 6:

Zone A:

San Lorenzo vs Aldosivi
Central Córdoba vs Estudiantes
Colón vs Rosario Central
Arsenal vs Platense
Racing vs Argentinos
Godoy Cruz vs River

Zone B:

Patronato vs Huracán
Gimnasia vs Atlético Tucumán
Newell's vs Unión
Sarmiento vs Defensa y Justicia
Vélez vs Independiente
Boca vs Talleres

Interzonal: Banfield vs Lanús

Argentine Copa de la Liga Profesional Round 7:

Zone A:

River vs Racing
Argentinos vs Arsenal
Platense vs Colón
Rosario Central vs Central Córdoba
Estudiantes vs San Lorenzo
Aldosivi vs Banfield

Zone B:

Independiente vs Boca
Defensa y Justicia vs Vélez
Unión vs Sarmiento
Atlético Tucumán vs Newell's
Huracán vs Gimnasia
Lanús vs Patronato

Interzonal: Talleres vs Godoy Cruz

Argentine Copa de la Liga Profesional Round 8:

Zone A:

Banfield vs Estudiantes
San Lorenzo vs Rosario Central
Central Córdoba vs Platense
Colón vs Argentinos
Arsenal vs River
Racing vs Godoy Cruz

Zone B:

Gimnasia vs Lanús
Newell's vs Huracán
Sarmiento vs Atlético Tucumán
Vélez vs Unión
Boca vs Defensa y Justicia
Talleres vs Independiente

Interzonal: Patronato vs Aldosivi

Argentine Copa de la Liga Profesional Round 9:

Zone A:

Godoy Cruz vs Racing
River vs Colón
Argentinos vs Central Córdoba
Platense vs San Lorenzo
Rosario Central vs Banfield
Estudiantes vs Aldosivi

Zone B:

Defensa y Justicia vs Talleres
Unión vs Boca
Atlético Tucumán vs Vélez
Huracán vs Sarmiento
Lanús vs Newell's
Patronato vs Gimnasia

Interzonal: Racing vs Independiente

Argentine Copa de la Liga Profesional Round 10:

Zone A:

Aldosivi vs Rosario Central
Banfield vs Platense
San Lorenzo vs Argentinos
Central Cordoba vs River
Colón vs Godoy Cruz
Arsenal vs Racing

Zone B:

Newell's vs Patronato
Sarmiento vs Lanús
Vélez vs Huracán
Boca vs Atlético Tucumán
Talleres vs Unión
Independiente vs Defensa y Justicia

Interzonal: Estudiantes vs Gimnasia

Argentine Copa de la Liga Profesional Round 11:

Zone A:

Racing vs Colón
Godoy Cruz vs Central Córdoba
River vs San Lorenzo
Argentinos vs Banfield
Platense vs Aldosivi
Rosario Central vs Estudiantes

Zone B:

Unión vs Independiente
Atlético Tucumán vs Talleres
Huracán vs Boca
Lanús vs Vélez
Patronato vs Sarmiento
Gimnasia vs Newell's

Interzonal: Defensa y Justicia vs Arsenal

Argentine Copa de la Liga Profesional Round 12:

Zone A:

Estudiantes vs Platense
Aldosivi vs Argentinos
Banfield vs River
San Lorenzo vs Godoy Cruz
Central Córdoba vs Racing
Colón vs Arsenal

Zone B:

Sarmiento vs Gimnasia
Vélez vs Patronato
Boca vs Lanús
Talleres vs Huracán
Independiente vs Atlético Tucumán
Defensa y Justicia vs Unión

Interzonal: Rosario Central vs Newell's

Argentine Copa de la Liga Profesional Round 13:

Zone A:

Arsenal vs Central Córdoba
Racing vs San Lorenzo
Godoy Cruz vs Banfield
River vs Aldosivi
Argentinos vs Estudiantes
Platense vs Rosario Central

Zone B:

Atlético Tucumán vs Defensa y Justicia
Huracán vs Independiente
Lanús vs Talleres
Patronato vs Boca
Gimnasia vs Vélez
Newell's vs Sarmiento