For Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo time catches up to us all, and what should have been dream situations for both has been rather frustrating for the best players of their generation and maybe of all-time. For Lionel Messi his move to PSG was born out of necessity rather than desire, and after a slow start, coronavirus, and injuries the French club has not even seen the average version of Messi, rather a player who looks like a fish out of water.

For Cristiano Ronaldo his return to Manchester United is in the mix of the club trying to find themselves, with no clear plan as to what road to take the Red Devils are trying to just carry on. For Ronaldo this lack of direction has him questioning if he will stay past this season.

The Sun issued a report on both players and their current stats and here is how Messi and Ronaldo shape up. Take a look at the season both are having and why despite all the issues Ronaldo is winning this one.

Cristiano Ronaldo having a better season than Messi

When compared to each other, Ronaldo has more minutes played (2,296 to 1,792), more goals (15 to 7) in all competitions, games (28 to 22), and shots (105 to 79).

Messi does have the edge on Cristiano Ronaldo on assists 8 to 3, hitting the woodwork 9 to 1, and passing accuracy 85% to 81%. The question becomes who will be in the best form come the World Cup in Qatar where Messi will try to go and win it and Ronaldo will want to have one last great tournament before his international career ends.