Club America or just America are a professional Mexican soccer club from Mexico City. The Eagles feature in the highest tier of Mexican football, Liga MX. Foundation of the club in 1916, the broadcasting corporation Grupo Televisa has been owned since 1959. The team is playing at home at Estadio Azteca, which is Latin America's largest venue and is one of the world's biggest stadiums.

They have won a record of 13 league championships, as well as six Mexican Cup titles, and six Campeón de Campeones cups. America have won ten FIFA award-winning club trophies in international competitions, as well as seven CONCACAF Champions Cup/Champions League titles, two Copa Interamericana cups, and one CONCACAF Giants Cup.

However, their history hasn't always been easy as they had to prove themselves to enter the Mexican soccer league, then called Primera In 1916, America was the only Mexicicna club with homegrown players coming from Mexico City. America's league approval was based on three matches they had to win. Eventually, they were accepted into the league after having won two matches and drawn the remaining game.

How were Club America accepted into the Primera Fuerza?

Roger Martinez of America celebrates after scoring the first goal against Monterrey. (Getty)

The first major team consisting of Mexicans in the Mexican capital, Club America, formed in a union of 2 Marist College in 1916, won four championships in succession between 1924 and 1928. Their acceptance in the league was dependent on three matches to be won. The squad completed the test, with two wins, over Germania FV and the Club México.

The team's league start was tiresome and America finished in the last position at the end of the 1917-18 season. America was pressured to recruit more players after the performance produced in the inaugural campaign. In the 1924-25 season, America captured their first Primer Fuerza title and became champion after the event, thanks to a decisive 1-0 win over Asturias. 

The club went on to lift the Primer Fuerza title three more times, in three consecutive seasons. Three times more can America win the First Power, all back-to-back. America became the first Mexican club out of Mexico in 1926.