Weston McKennie’s stock at Juventus is at an all-time high, the USMNT midfielder has offered something to the Italian Old Lady that even Giorgio Chiellini stated was difficult to find. McKennie scores goals and has incredible speed, but Chiellini stated that at times McKennie thinks too fast and needs to slow it down.

Aside from that, McKennie has been all aces at Juventus, at times considered one of the team’s top performers. Despite finishing last season with a foot injury, McKennie has played 55 matches and scored 8 goals for the club winning two cups with Juve in two years.

Juventus has turned down various offers for the American and Allegri recently stated that McKennie was a player Juventus wants to have “for a long time”. Now the Juventus boss has doubled down on his statement and took it up a notch with his recent comments.

Massimiliano Allegri on Weston McKennie

In speaking to the media Allegri was asked about the importance of the American midfielder and made a bold statement, “McKennie is probably the best American player playing in Europe. I think it’s very important for him to continue showing the high level that he has at Juve.”


McKennie without question has been the most consistent American in Europe when lining him up against the USMNT’s other main faces: Christian Pulisic and Gio Reyna. Pulisic while clutch for Chelsea at times has been hit with injuries and inconsistent form.

Gio Reyna on the other hand made a big splash his first season in Germany but his second season was hit hard when he missed most of the year due to injuries. It has been McKennie who has held firm at Juventus during his two seasons at the club.