Liverpool was the better side during the first half of the 2021-22 UEFA Champions League final against Real Madrid. However, the final minutes were marked by tenssion after the VAR took its time to disallow a goal by Karim Benzema, due to offside. 

It didn’t take long for the controversy to arrive. Benzema received a wide pass, then after his shot was rejected by Allison, the ball ended in Valverde’s feet and he tried to pass it to Benzema. However, Fabinho also touched the ball before it got to Benzema, who scored. 

It was a really difficult play to watch. However, the VAR decided Benzema was offside. The decision will certainly be debated and Kun Agüero, who is commenting on the final via Twitch and streaming with Star+, gave his opinion on the matter. 

Kun Agüero jokes about how the referees “help” Real Madrid 

During his streaming of the final, Kun Agüero also weighed in on the controversy. To him, Benzema’s goal was legal and it should have counted. However, he took the opportunity to take a shot at Real Madrid: “People say referees help Real Madrid but I’m not sure on this one (Benzema’s disallowed goal).” 

Agüero, who was forced to retire due to health issues, is known for joking, and it’s not the first time he takes shots against former rivals or even teammates. He also joked about Mbappé’s non arrival to Madrid with an ironic comment. 

On the other hand, the Argentinian also recognized that Benzema should win the Ballon D’Or, despite the result in the final. “To me, he deserves it,” he said about the striker, who has scored 15 goals in the competition.