Sergio Kun Agüero is not only a soccer star at Manchester City but also a regular streamer of his video games. And during his last Twitch live stream, he was forced to mute the words 'Messi', 'Leo' and GOAT', as people kept asking questions about the Barcelona's star future.

Since Lionel Messi made the decision to leave Barcelona, rumors have linked him to Manchester City, the English Premier League team where his good friend and Argentine compatriot Agüero is a living legend.

City fans went crazy when they've noticed that Kun Agüero removed the number 10 of his Instagram account, something that could be related to Messi's possible transfer to Manchester team. And it seems like soccer fans from all over the world wanted an answer from the former Atlético de Madrid striker, who has nearly 2 million followers on the platform.

Kun Agüero mutes the word Messi on his live stream

More than 30,000 people tuned in when Agüero went live on Twitch. The Argentine striker wanted to play some video games, as he usaually does, but things were different. The chat and the comment section were full of questions about Messi and Aguero's Instagram username change.

Kun, who is still recovering from an injury, didn't give any hint and took the decision to mute all words relating to Messi, such as 'Leo', 'GOAT', or 'Messi'. But not only fans were trying to get answers, as Argentinean journalists from TyC Sports also sent him messages during his two-hour broadcast. They didn't get an answer either.