The prestigious Sky Sports has recently emerged as the most informed media when it comes to the sale of Chelsea. Last week, they had reported the list of the most likely buyers of the club, and this same outlet has come out on Thursday with an exclusive that quickly made the headlines.

Tennis legend Serena Williams, as well as the F1 star Lewis Hamilton, have expressed their desire to become the Stamford Bridge outfit owners, offering their millions to a consortium that will make an official takeover bid for the club.

According to Sky, the seven-time Formula One champion, and the 23 tennis Grand Slam winner, have joined the consortium led by Martin Broton and made available some of their millions, so in the coming period, they will appear as one of the potential owners of the Premier League side.

Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams join forces to buy Chelsea

The report adds that the initial amount given by the sports stars as a guarantee is €12 million each, but the possibility of having bigger shares in case of a possible acquisition by the mentioned consortium is not ruled out. Approximately €3 billion is believed to be the selling price of Chelsea.

"We can confirm that Lewis has joined the Sir Martin Broughton bid, but the financial number cited in the Sky piece isn't correct," a Hamilton spokesperson told Daily Mail. Interestingly, when Hamilton was five years old, he became a lifelong supporter of Arsenal, the city rivals of the Blues.

Moreover, according to Sky News, if Broughton's proposal is successful, Hamilton will have a "formal role" in the Blues' future attempts to promote fairness, diversity, and inclusion.

This is the latest news coming from England related to the sale of Chelsea, which was also made official by Roman Abramovich, who succumbed to pressure and decided to put the club on the market after the military conflict in Ukraine.