Liga MX is currently experiencing festive days due to the debut of Dani Alves with Pumas UNAM. The Brazilian is a world-class star; they say that true stars are recognized by two things: their achievements and their actions, and the former Barcelona star has already shown signs of this.

The Brazilian soccer player has his sights set on participating in his third FIFA World Cup and that is why he would have chosen Liga MX as a destination with an acceptable level of play that would guarantee him enough minutes for Canarinha's manager, Tite, to take him to Qatar 2022.

Dani Alves has already made his Liga MX debut with Pumas UNAM, with a packed stadium. Despite the fact that the match took place on a Wednesday, in the middle of the working day, more than 35,000 spectators were in attendance to watch the former Juventus player contribute an assist that allowed his team to tie the match 1-1 in the final minutes of the second half.

What did Dani Alves ask Andrés Lillini, coach of Pumas UNAM?

Alves' presence in Liga MX had immediate effects. Pumas' positional play was much better thanks to the Brazilian's passes, and they got the equalizer thanks to his superb ball striking. However, Dani's impact is also reflected in the Pumas dressing room. 

According to Pumas' manager, Argentine Andres Lillini, Dani Alves made a special request of him from the very first day he started working with the team, one that denotes his status as a world soccer star: far removed from the false glamour and close to the humility of one of the sport's last great glories. 

"Having a player with Dani is a very good thing, which motivates. In fact, he told me he wanted equal treatment, no privileges. I have had the chance to be with players of hierarchy and the more they have it, the more humble they are. Alves helps everyone, on and off the field. You can't buy experience and it gives you knowledge." said the Pumas manager in an interview with TUDN.

Video: the evidence of Dani Alves' greatness in Liga MX

It took little time for the Brazilian star to demonstrate his human qualities and his status as an elite figure. A video that went viral on social media shows how Dani Alves is congruent with his request to be treated as just another member of Pumas UNAM: he refused to be transported individually in a luxury van to the stadium to board the truck that took them to the venue where they played their Liga MX matchday 5 game with the rest of the squad.