Lionel Messi’s time in the sport is coming to an end, it might reach 2025 or it could end in 2026. Messi has no set date, what Argentine’s and world soccer fans want to know is if the World champion will make it to the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

What is known is Messi will play in Major League Soccer at least until the end of 2025, and with Argentina until the 2024 Copa America. Then it could be the long curtain call for the greatest soccer player of all time.

In speaking with Star+ the 36-year-old mentioned that while he is no longer playing in a top league Messi is still focused on the objectives at hand, and right now it’s the Copa America with Argentina in 2024.

Messi on 2024 objectives

I am aware that I went to a lesser league, but as long as I feel that I am good, and I can continue contributing things I will do it. Today the only thing I think about is getting to the Copa América well and hopefully being able to fight for it again…”

Messi stated when referring to his current state, while Messi is not throwing mud at MLS it is clear that he is not playing in one of the top leagues in the world, where Messi is used to playing.

Time will tell if I am or not, it is a reality that I am going to arrive at an age that is not normally enough to play in a World Cup… It seemed that after Qatar everything was over and I was retiring (from the national team), but today the opposite is true, I want to be here more than ever. After spending so many years suffering, today that we are experiencing a special moment that I have never experienced before, I want to enjoy it.”

Messi had a lot of ups and downs with the Argentine national team, even retiring from the squad after the 2016 Copa America, but he was convinced to return by his family and fans.

“There is a very united, very healthy group and I want to take advantage of it, without thinking about 2, 3 years, which in football is a lot. I’m not thinking about the World Cup, nor do I say 100% that I won’t be there because anything can happen…”

What’s next for Lionel Messi

2024 will be a big year for Messi, at the club level Inter Miami is hoping to build a squad where the club can win MLS Cup and even a continental title, the club’s objective is to win everything they can.

Messi is expected to lead many stats in MLS next season, in the summer Argentina will defend their Copa America title, and most likely in 2024 lock up World Cup 2026 qualification for which they are well on their way.