Argentina is red hot, with a record winning streak and coming off of winning a Copa America and intercontinental cup win over Italy. Lionel Messi has been leading the charge setting records as he goes.

As of now, Lionel Messi has scored 90 goals for the Argentine national team, that is 34 more than legendary striker Gabriel Batistuta. Argentina have won 7 out of 8 games in 2022 only drawing Ecuador in World Cup qualifying.

To say Argentina is not playing their best soccer in years is an understatement. Nonetheless, Messi is being cautious as he identified other teams that could give Argentina a run for their money.

Lionel Messi on Argentina’s World Cup chances

In the interview the PSG star stated, "We are at a good moment because of how things turned out and with a very strong group. Afterwards, in a World Cup anything can happen, it's very difficult. The favorites are not always the ones who end up winning."


Lionel Messi (Getty Images)

Lionel Messi (Getty Images)

Messi continued by stating, "I don't know if (Argentina) are the great front runners but I think that Argentina, by itself, is always a candidate, because of history and because of the moment we are at. Worse, we are not the top favorites, I think there are other teams that are above us today for today."

Argentina has a fairly easy group with Saudi Arabia, Poland (the team’s biggest threat), and Mexico, who is playing its worst soccer in years.