There are months to go before Qatar 2022 starts but there is still a lot to clarify about the upcoming World Cup, one of those details is the national teams rosters, for now there are only 'mock rosters' and it is likely that some big players will be left out.

Brazil, Spain, Portugal, England, France (champion defenders), Argentina, USA and other big national teams from the top 20 FIFA rankings will play in the upcoming World Cup, all those teams have the most famous players with some exceptions like Salah who will not be playing at the big event because Egypt didn't qualify.

The big favorites to win the World Cup in 2022 are Argentina, Germany, France and Brazil, other teams like Spain and Portugal also have a spot as slight favorites. Offensive attack is what makes national teams win and the big favorites are the ones with the best attacking midfielders and forwards.

Top 20 FIFA ranking teams that didn't qualify for Qatar 2022

Three teams were left without a ticket to play at Qatar 2022, one of them being Italy when they failed to win against North Macedonia during the UEFA Play-offs. Another team that did not qualify for the big event was Sweden, they lost 0-2 against Poland. And finally the 17th team of the top 20 FIFA rankings, Colombia, did not qualify to play in Qatar.

Top 20 rankings as of 31 March 2022
Rank Team Points
1 Brazil 1832.69
2 Belgium 1827
3 France 1789.85
4 Argentina 1765.13
5 England 1761.71
6 Italy (NO) 1723.31
7 Spain 1709.19
8 Portugal 1674.78
9 Mexico 1658.82
10 Netherlands 1658.66
11 Denmark 1653.6
12 Germany 1650.53
13 Uruguay 1635.73
14 Switzerland 1635.32
15 United States 1633.72
16 Croatia 1621.11
17 Colombia (NO) 1600.52
18 Wales 1588.08
19 Sweden (NO) 1584.77
20 Senegal 1584.16

Another big team from the top 20 rankings will play in the upcoming world cup thanks to their victory during the playoffs, one being Portugal who had to play a tough game against North Macedonia.