Neymar Jr, the Paris Saint Germain and Brazil national team star, is world renowned for his ability to dribble past any opponent. That is exactly what he will have to show: to be able to evade an opponent who has known him for years and has decided to face him again: the law.

Fortunately for the cause of the former FC Barcelona player, this is not the first time he has faced this opponent, since in past years he had already been involved in this type of problems, precisely during his time in Spain. 

The first was when Barcelona had to pay 5.5 million euros for tax offenses related to the signing of Neymar from Santos of Brazil, and the second was a lawsuit that the same player filed against Barcelona for claiming a renewal bonus payment of 43.6 million and lost, for which he was ordered to pay 7.5 million dollars to the team, a figure that he did not pay after reaching an agreement with the club.

The lawsuit for which Neymar Jr. will go to trial before the World Cup 2022

According to El Pais and EFE, the current Paris Saint Germain player will have to face a trial from October 17 to October 31 at the Barcelona Court. This date will be one month before the official inauguration of the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, in which Neymar is expected to be the great leader of Brazil.

The reason why Neymar Jr must face a new legal problem in his sporting career is one he already knows: his transfer from Santos of Brazil to FC Barcelona in June 2013. This had two meanings for the Brazilian, the beginning of his most prolific era as a footballer, so far, and the start of a series of problems with the Spanish tax authorities.

The PSG player is one of the defendants in the lawsuit filed before the Spanish courts by the Brazilian company DIS, which is said to have owned 40% of Neymar's federative rights when he played for Santos of Brazil, which it had acquired in 2009 for 2 million euros. The lawsuit against the player and others involved in the signing (former Barcelona presidents Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu, and the player's parents) is for alleged corruption between private individuals.

With the signing of Neymar to Barcelona in 2013, DIS received 40% of the payment made by the Catalan team to Santos, which was only 17.1 million euros, as the player and his family received the other 40 million that were officially reported by the Culés, who valued the operation at 57.1 million euros. 

The sentences Neymar Jr could face due to this new lawsuit

DIS' claim is that the transaction included much more money, for which they are requesting a monetary compensation for the fact. The penalties requested by the prosecutor's office for Neymar, his family and the former leaders of Barcelona are as follows: the payment of 10 million euros from the player and 1.4 million euros from the company managed by his parents (N&N) and two years in prison for the player and his father and one for his mother; for Rosell and Bartomeu 5 years in prison are requested. The Catalan club would also face a 8.4 million euros fine.