The Qatar 2022 World Cup is getting closer and closer. The 32 national teams that will compete in the most important soccer tournament in the world are already secured, and the anxiety for November 21 is already noticeable.

Important competitions will be played before the start of the tournament. The major leagues will start as well as the UEFA Champions League, but thinking about the Qatar World Cup cannot be avoided.

Players are anxious, coaches are anxious, and the vast majority of the topics discussed are about the World Cup. Less than 160 days to go! And, of course, the fans are ready to leave for Qatar. Thousands of fans are expected, hotels are already overcrowded, and tent rentals have started to be requested.

The available accommodations for the Qatar 2022 World Cup

The Qatar 2022 World Cup will be held in Doha, a city that was built especially for the occasion. According to reports, Doha and surrounding cities are running out of affordable hotels. 100,000 rooms have been quickly snapped up by World Cup fans.

Furthermore, 80% of the 30,000 hotel rooms left in Doha have already been reserved for teams, officials, guests, and the media. That is why Qatar has launched the renting of tents, which costs almost 190 euros per night. The tents will complement clusters of prefabricated cabins and tent-like structures.

Campers renting the most basic tents will have access to running water and power generators but no air conditioning (expected to be over 30 degrees Celsius during the World Cup). These services will be available in 80% of the tents. The other 20% will include more amenities for a luxury desert experience, including TVs and attached bathrooms.

In addition, as reported by Bloomberg, Qatar has also leased two luxury cruise liners, encouraged homeowners to rent their properties to visitors, and set up a regional system of shuttle flights so fans can stay in other countries.

The surge in demand has caused rents to spike despite years of malaise in the property market. Tenants in some hotel residences have been told they’ll need to move out ahead of the tournament, while other renters are relocating because of exorbitant increases in monthly rent.