The proposed European Super League has caused quite a stir in the soccer world, as leagues, clubs, players and fans have voiced their concerns about what forming the league will do to the sport. As recently as yesterday Manchester City manager, and one of the leagues founding clubs, Josep Guardiola has stated that “this (European Super League) is not sport”, while Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa stated that the Super League is nothing more than the rich getting richer and the smaller clubs being left in the dust.

Nonetheless after a television interview where Real Madrid President, Florentino Pérez, stated that if the league were not formed then “Football will die in 2024”, was met as being cynical and ridiculous by various pundits around the world, players that would be directly affected by the creation of the league have begun to voice their concerns.

According to the Daily Mail in England, Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has begun to mobilize the other Premier League captains to gather for an emergency meeting to discuss the Super League and what the players response will be.

A mural of Jordan Henderson and Alan Hansen is seen on a house near the stadium prior to the Premier League match between Liverpool and Leeds United at Anfield (Getty)

Jordan Henderson to lead Premiere League players response to the European Super League

Jordan Henderson of Liverpool shakes hands with Chris Wilder, Manager of Sheffield United following the Premier League match between Liverpool and Sheffield United (Getty)

Jordan Henderson is said to be trusted completely by the rest of the captains in the Premier League, and according to German outlet Bild was “increasingly doubtful” about the Super League in general due to the fans' backlash to the announcement.

Liverpool, the team Henderson plays for, which is owned by the American sports company, Fenway Sports Group, which includes NBA superstar LeBron James, has been one of the clubs that has been hit the hardest by pundits in England and all over the world. Manchester United, which also has American owners has received fan protests outside the stadium grounds.

Henderson led the players response last season during the coronavirus pandemic to start a fund for health workers during the difficult pandemic. Now for the Super League Henderson, will lead the players in positioning themselves for future media questions and the players stance in general behind the new proposed league.

According to sources Manchester United captain, Harry Maguire was not happy that the players at the club found out about the Super League the same way the rest of the world were informed, via a press release on social media. Maguire also voiced his concerned that manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was left out to dry to face questions about the league directly after a league game.

How the Premier League players react to the Super League will be fundamental if the concept will even get off the ground after various reports that players could face bans, although FIFAPro will do what they can to protect player rights. Two Premier League clubs are said to have second thoughts about the creation of the Super League after media, player, and fan backlash.