Every soccer fan dreams of entering a stadium to support their national team in a FIFA World Cup match. You could say that it is the ultimate goal of almost every lover of this sport. Qatar 2022 is approaching and with it, the possibility of making your dream come true.

The fact that Qatar 2022 is the first edition of the FIFA World Cup that will not be held in the middle of the year will give you much more time to prepare in every way and be able to attend the matches involving your national team or your favorite squad. Remember, this great tournament will be held from November 21 to December 18.

The destination may seem far away because it will also be the first time the World Cup will be played in the Middle East. However, the host country is fine-tuning all the details to make all soccer fans feel at home. Distance should not be an excuse if you really want to experience the thrill of the sport.

What is the approximate budget to be able to go to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022?

It's true: attending a World Cup may not be affordable for everyone. However, with time and discipline, it is possible to fulfill the dream that every soccer fan has, which is to enjoy at least one of the matches of this tournament completely live. 

In order to attend the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, it is necessary to create a basic budget that includes the following items: match tickets, flight, accommodation, meals, and local transportation. Souvenirs and gifts for those waiting for you at home can also be added, although you could survive without them. 

Ticket prices for Qatar 2022

To find out the exact process to follow to purchase your tickets, read the story we have prepared for you. However, we can give you a preview of the prices of the different types of tickets established by FIFA. There are four categories available; one of them is for people with disabilities. 

The price of each ticket depends on its category and the match it is for. It is not the same to attend the group stage as the grand final in Qatar. So we will focus on an average price. The average cost of a ticket for a first-round match, which is where most matches are held, is $152.

How much does it cost to fly from the United States to Qatar 2022?

From the United States, there are a number of options to reach Qatar. Again, if you want to go deeper into the cities from which flights depart, as well as their durations, read this story in which we detail everything.

Then, obviously, the price of the plane ticket to get to the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 depends on some characteristics of the flight: whether it is direct or non-stop, the days of arrival and return and the city from where you fly. On average, the cost of a round-trip flight to the land of the World Cup is $2160.

Accommodation at Qatar 2022

The spirit in which you make the trip will determine the price you have to pay for your accommodation. If you travel to the upcoming FIFA World Cup with an adventurous attitude, you will surely find very cheap options for lodging, but not so comfortable. Likewise, if you are traveling with your family, you may want the tranquility of a decent hotel where you can rest after enjoying live soccer.

In terms of apartment rentals, prices rise the closer you are to the center of the city, so the average cost per day is US$1,500, which can be divided between two or three guests (US$500 per person per day). The average price of a hotel with all services is US$600 per day.

How much does it cost to eat in Qatar?

Each person's palate is very particular. How you eat during your stay at the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will depend on your tastes. There are many options, from exotic restaurants to global fast-food chains or the option to buy the ingredients and try to cook where you are staying. 

Thus, a menu from the classic hamburger chains known worldwide costs no more than US$7. On the other hand, some local restaurants may offer daily set menus for 8 dollars and a meal at an a la carte restaurant can cost as much as 25 dollars. 

If you choose to cook for yourself, this price guide of supermarket products can help you: 1.5 liters of water, $0.50; a small bottle of cola, .90 dollars; 1 kilo of apples, $2; 1 liter of milk, $2; a dozen eggs, $3; 1 kilo of fresh cheese, $10; sandwich bread, $1.5. The total fee is 19.90 dollars. 

How to locally move during Qatar 2022?

Here's some good news for your budget, because with the Qatari government Fan ID, called Hayya Card, public transportation including buses, trains and subways will be free on the days of the upcoming FIFA World Cup matches. 

However, on non-match days, which will not occur until December 7, in the transition from the Round of 16 to the Quarter Finals, the price of a single ride on Qatari public transport starts at $0.55. All-day passes are available for $1.6. 

If you choose to move by car, the budget amount rises. The rent of an economy-standard card costs about 18 dollars, and you will have to pay also for gasoline, which price is 2.1 dollars per gallon (on average one gallon is used for every 20 miles traveled). Considering 3 gallons per day, the final fee of moving by car during your attendance to Qatar 2022 is $25 for each day of stay.

The estimated budget to attend the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

The cost per day for an austere stay would be obtained by adding the following amounts: US$500 for lodging, US$24 for food (3 meals of US$8), and US$1.6 for transportation, which adds up to US$525.5 per day.  On the other hand, a less limited choice per day would include $600 for lodging, $41 for food (1 meal for $25 and 2 quick meals for $8), and $25 for transportation (car rental and travel). A total of 666 dollars.

So, in a common scenario, in which you attend the 3 matches played by the national team you support, the budget to consider would be the following, considering that the stay would be 10 days: 7871 dollars in an austere version (456 dollars for 3 tickets, 5255 dollars for lodging, food and transportation and 2160 dollars for the round trip flight) and 9276 dollars in a slightly more comfortable option. 

Obviously, to this, you would have to add the cost of a traveler's insurance, to be covered in case of any circumstantial and medical eventuality, the tests to prove that you are not infected with Covid-19, and an extra amount available for any unforeseen event or for souvenirs. What does your bank account say? Are you ready for Qatar 2022