To add to the drama of the Champions League round of 16 battle between PSG and Real Madrid, Kylian Mbappé has reportedly told his team that he will announce his future plans until after said clash on March 9th, 2022. Mbappé is the subject of transfer rumors to the Spanish giants since last season and everything indicates that the forward will eventually sign with Real Madrid.

Mbappé has reportedly house hunted in Madrid as well as stating in a recent interview with Paris Match that he’d like to leave the French capital. “I am thirsty above all for discoveries, trips, meetings with players, different cultures... I have a quiet relationship with money: I know it's important, I'm happy to have it, but that's not what drives me every second of the day."

Now it would seem that M-day for what Kylian Mbappé will do with his career is slated to be announced after PSG’s all but important tie with Real Madrid. Here is what a source at AS reported regarding why Kylian Mbappé made this decision.



According to report Kylian Mbappé to decide on his future after PSG’s Champions League series with Real Madrid

According to the AS report, Kylian Mbappé did not want to create a conflict of interest between his current employer and what many pundits believe will be his next employer. The same AS report indicates that Mbappé has made up his mind months ago that he will be a Real Madrid player. 

PSG’s sporting director Leonardo recently stated “I cannot assure you that he will stay. What to say about Mbappé. Kylian is formidable. He is different, unique. Well, you know what we want (Mbappé staying at PSG)”. The AS report finished by stating that according to their sources the deal is all but done.