The road to Qatar 2022 in South America will resume with an exciting triple-fixture in the September international break. The 2021 Copa America is now behind us and teams will have to continue their journeys towards the next World Cup.

Brazil are in control of the standings after an impressive start to their campaign, while Argentina are within touching distance as they also remain unbeaten. From now on, things will get pretty interesting in the battle for the World Cup berths.

The South American World Cup Qualifiers will return with a special triple-fixture to make up for the matches that were postponed after the pandemic outbreak. Therefore, during this international window, Matchday 6 will be played between 9 and 10.

Matchday 9 (Thursday, Sept. 2)

The ninth round will bring us plenty of exciting matches as Brazil take on Chile in Santiago, while Uruguay will have to make the trip to Lima to visit Peru. Moreover, Venezuela will face a challenging rival in Argentina, Colombia are traveling to the high altitude of La Paz in Bolivia, and Paraguay will be under similar circumstances when they visit Ecuador in Quito.

Bolivia vs. Colombia - 4 PM (ET)

Ecuador vs. Paraguay - 5 PM (ET)

Venezuela vs. Argentina - 8 PM (ET)

Chile vs. Brazil - 9 PM (ET)

Peru vs. Uruguay - 9 PM (ET)

Matchday 6 (Sunday, Sept. 5)

Matchday 6 will bring us a must-watch game between continental giants Brazil and Argentina in a rematch of the 2021 Copa America final. Will the hosts redeem themselves or will La Albiceleste upset them again?

Brazil vs. Argentina - 3 PM (ET)

Ecuador vs. Chile - 5 PM (ET)

Paraguay vs. Colombia - 6 PM (ET)

Uruguay vs. Bolivia - 6 PM (ET)

Peru vs. Venezuela - 9 PM (ET)

Matchday 10 (Thursday, Sept. 9)

Matchday 10 will see Colombia hosting Chile in a can't-miss matchup, while Peru will face a tough ordeal when they visit Brazil. Uruguay-Ecuador will be another game where the stakes will be high.

Uruguay vs. Ecuador - 6:30 PM (ET)

Paraguay vs. Venezuela - 6:30 PM (ET)

Colombia vs. Chile - 7 PM (ET)

Argentina vs. Bolivia - 7:30 PM (ET)

Brazil vs. Peru - 8:30 PM (ET)