Toni Kroos has officially announced he’ll come back to play for Germany in the upcoming UEFA Euro 2024 where they’ll be favorites to hoist the trophy for the first time since 1996.

In the summer of 2021, the midfielder confirmed his retirement from the national team. Although he had won the World Cup in 2014, the Mannschaft is currently at the lowest point in history with two group stage eliminations (2018, 2022) and another failure at the UEFA Euro 2020 in the Round of 16 facing England.

However, considering Germany will host the European tournament in 2024, many fans and players believed Kroos’ performances with Real Madrid were strong enough to make him come back.

It’s important to remember that this will be the first big test of Julian Nagelsmann as new coach of the team after replacing Hansi Flick. So, the legend will be a major upgrade to the roster.

Will Tony Kroos play the UEFA Euro 2024 with Germany?

Yes. In an epic message on social media, Toni Kroos confirmed he is finally ready to return with the national team for a ‘Last Dance’ at home during the UEFA Euro 2024.

Kroos is 34-years old and should be a starter with Germany. At the club level, even as a veteran, Carlo Ancelotti continues to trust him as one of the key pieces that has the Spanish team competing for the Champions League and La Liga.

Toni Kroos went to X and Instagram to confirm the news. “People, short and sweet: I will play for Germany again from March. Why? Because the national coach asked me, I’m up for it, and I’m sure that much more is possible with the team at the Euros than most people currently believe!”