When Marathón and Olimpia play in Honduras in the Clásico Nacional Hondureño, tempers usually fly. That was the case again on Sunday when Marathón’s André Orellana was the prime executioner of one of the most brutal fouls of the weekend in world soccer.

The match itself ended 1-0 with a late goal by Olimpia’s Kevin Josue Lopez in the 84th minute. The victory gave Olimpia three huge points as El Viejo León stayed atop of the Apertura standings after 8 weeks.

For Marathón, the club continues in crisis as they are sixth in the standings having lost 2 of their last 3. While the result was important for Olimpia it was Marathón’s André Orellana who got all the highlights across the world for a brutal foul on two players from Olimpia which led to him being sent off.

Marathón’s André Orellana brutal foul

The 21-year-old midfielder was playing against his old team and during the run of play Orellana went studs up and completely took out two of his former teammates, Germán Patón Mejía and Carlos Pineda.

The referee of the match did not think twice and red carded André Orellana who later commented that “I let my emotions get the best of me, it wasn’t right what I did, and I spoke to Mejia, who is like a father to me, and I asked for forgiveness.”

Later in the evening on social media Patón Mejía stated that “it’s football” and forgave Orellana who played 10 matches for Olimpia back in 2022.