Manchester City and Tottenham drew 3-3 in one of the best matches of the 2023-2024 season in the Premier League. The game was full of emotions and turnarounds, although the outcome did not leave Erling Haaland satisfied.

The Norwegian forward missed a clear goal-scoring opportunity in the first half and, in the final minutes, delivered a great assist to Jack Grealish despite being fouled. Grealish was heading towards the potential winning goal, but referee Simon Hooper halted the play.

In that moment, Erling Haaland lost control and began to argue with the referee for not allowing the play to continue. The fourth goal would have meant victory for Manchester City, bringing them within just one point of leaders, Arsenal.

At the end of the match, the star had to be restrained by his teammates and Pep Guardiola. On his way to the locker room, Haaland was furious with the referee and players from Tottenham.

Erling Haaland goes at referee Simon Hooper on social media

Minutes after the game, Erling Haaland went to his official account on X, where he posted a message against referee Simon Hooper for stopping the play that could have resulted in the winning goal for Jack Grealish.

Now, Manchester City fell to third place with 30 points and are chasing Arsenal (33) and also Liverpool (31) in their quest for an impressive record: four consecutive Premier League titles.