It is not easy to forget the past and change everything in one night. Apparently, Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos knows this very well and they are working on becoming the best teammates despite coming from one of the biggest rivalries in soccer. Now, both players co-exist in PSG, but they were caught on camera having their first big discussion during a training session.

PSG made some blockbuster moves in 2021 to try to improve their squad and finally win the Champions League. Undoubtedly, the name of Lionel Messi was the biggest amongst the other signings, but also the one of Sergio Ramos surprised everybody. How would they get along in Paris after 16 years of a huge rivalry in Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively?

After a season together, they seemed to co-exist in peace, but now there are some discussions that are popping out even in training sessions. Before Messi joined PSG, Ramos said that the Argentinian forward was probably the best player in history and showed some respect, but that does not stop him from being rough with Lionel during their pre-season.

Video: Messi and Ramos get heat up in PSG's training session after an 'unnecessary' tackle

PSG is working hard on its 2022 pre-season. During a training session before the France Supercup final against Nantes this July 31, both Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos were caught on camera arguing after the Spanish defender tackled the Argentinian forward. It looks like the former Barcelona was not happy with this action and discussed with his teammate.

In the video, it shows Messi dribbling Ramos and this last one pushing the forward without the ball in between. Lionel scored next, but he did not forget the tackle and told something to Sergio with not such of a friendly face. After the training game ended, the defender approached the Argentinian, but he seems to not want to hear what he has to say and avoids him.

In recent days, Marca said that Christophe Galtier, new PSG's coach after Mauricio Pochettino was fired, wants to bring the squad closer together with some different methods. The French manager does not allow cellphones or tablets to be used at breakfasts as he wants the players to know each other better and talk outside the pitch.

Also, PSG has had enough of not winning the Champions League. Recently, L'Equipe revealed that the team is thinking of hiring a psychologyst in order to help them achieve this objective. This person would build a more solid unit and make the players get along to reflect their confidence in each game.