There are several sporting events that attract a ton of people. However, there is no doubt that the UEFA Champions League is the biggest club competition in soccer. That’s why Saturday’s final is going to be followed for millions of fans around the world.

England should be paralyzed because Manchester City are the favorites to win the title. Their fans are waiting for this moment, especially after losing the final to Chelsea in the 2020-2021 season. A win here would give them the Treble, having already won the Premier League and the FA Cup.

Inter are also going to attract plenty of attention. They are a historic club in the continent, having won this tournament three times in the past. Their way to the final was easier than their opponents’ path, but they are 90 minutes away from the glory.

How many people watch the UEFA Champions League?

This is an event that doesn’t depend very much on which teams participate to have a huge audience. There may be more popular matchups than Manchester City vs Inter, but the number are still expected to be huge anyway. The Champions League final is expected to attract around 400 million viewers.