So far things are going as expected in the 2023 March Madness, most of the favorites have won their games and are slowly advancing to other stages.

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But some underdogs like Farleigh Dickinson first struck during the First Four and during the First Round winning against Purdue.

So far the biggest college basketball programs are the favorites, but it is expected that during the final regional rounds at least 4-6 favorites will be eliminated by underdogs or other favorites.

List of upsets during the 2023 March Madness

Usually early rounds are filled with most upsets, this time the first round started with upsets at the Midwest, South and East. (updated on 03/27/2023 3:00 AM ET)

Round West Midwest South East

No. 10 Penn State defeated No. 7 Texas A&M, 76–59

No. 11 Pittsburgh defeated No. 6 Iowa State, 59–41

No. 13 Furman defeated No. 4 Virginia, 68–67

No. 15 Princeton defeated No. 2 Arizona, 59–55

No. 16 Fairleigh Dickinson defeated No. 1 Purdue, 63–58
Second round No. 8 Arkansas defeated No. 1 Kansas, 72–71 None

No. 6 Creighton defeated No. 3 Baylor, 85–76

No. 15 Princeton defeated No. 7 Missouri, 78–63

No. 7 Michigan State defeated No. 2 Marquette, 69–60
Sweet 16 None No. 5 Miami (FL) defeated No. 1 Houston, 89–75 No. 5 San Diego State defeated No. 1 Alabama, 71–64 No. 9 Florida Atlantic defeated No. 4 Tennessee, 62–55
Elite 8 None No. 5 Miami (FL) defeated No. 2 Texas, 88–81 None No. 9 Florida Atlantic defeated No. 3 Kansas State, 79–76

Upsets are usually underdog victories against favorites, but the NCAA has a special definition for upsets: "when the losing team in an NCAA tournament game was seeded at least two seed lines better than the winning team."