March Madness 2023 began on March 14 in what was the first game of the tournament where Texas A&M–Corpus Christi won 75-71 over SE Missouri State.

After the First Four the regional games began on March 16 as part of the First Round, most of the favorites like Alabama, Gonzaga and Baylor won their games in that round.

The upsets began from the early games of the first round, one of those upsets was Penn State's victory over Texas A&M 76-59. In the first two rounds of the regional games only six upsets were carried out.

Predictions for the Sweet Sixteen games of the 2023 March Madness tournament

Big favorites are likely to win most games, but a couple of underdogs could upset big teams to advance to the Elite 8. All Sweet Sixteen games will be played on March 23. All times are listed in Eastern Time.

South Regional

Alabama vs San Diego State (6:30 PM, TBS): The Aztecs have never won a National Championship before but they came relatively close in 2020. This is the first time the Aztecs have played Alabama, but Alabama don't have National Championships either, they they are favorites with -7.5. Prediction: Alabama to cover spread.

Creighton vs Princeton (9:00 PM, TBS): The Tigers are underdogs, they won against Arizona by 4 points 59-55 and in the second round against Missouri 78-63. The Tigers made it to a Final Four but have never won a National Championship. Creighton are favorites, they won against NC State 72-63 and eliminated a favorite, Baylor Bears 85-76. Creighton are favorites at -9.5. Prediction: Princeton +9.5 ATS.

East Regional

Florida Atlantic vs Tennessee (9:00 PM, TBS): The Owls suffered during the first round against Memphis, they won by one single point 66-65, but in the second round they were more solid against Fairleigh Dickinson 78-70. Tennessee also had a tough time during the first round winning against Louisiana 58-55 and in the second round against Duke 65-52. Tennessee are favorites at -5.5. Prediction: Over 131.5.


Kansas State vs. Michigan State (6:30 PM, TBS): This will be one of the most balanced games of the Sweet Sixteen as both teams were lethal during the first two rounds. The Wildcats won 77-65 against Montana State and 75-69 against Kentucky. The Spartans won against USC 72-62 and Marquette 69-60. Michigan State is a light favorite with -1.5. Predictions: Kansas State +1.5 ATS.

Midwest Regional

Houston vs. Miami (FL) (7:15 PM, CBS): The Cougars were deadly in the second round against Auburn 81-64. The Hurricanes also scored over eighty points in the game against Indiana 85-69. Houston are favorites with -7.5. Prediction: Miami (FL) +7.5 ATS.


Xavier vs. Texas (9:45 PM, CBS): The Musketeers showed no mercy against Kennesaw State 72-67, let alone Pittsburgh 84-73. Texas have a strong offense in the first round they won 81-61 against Colgate, in the second round they played an underdog, Penn State 71-66. Texas are favorites with -4.5. Prediction: Over 148.5.

West Regional

Arkansas vs UConn (7:15 PM, CBS): The Razorbacks crushed Illinois 73-63, but things in the second round were tough for them against Kansas (defending champions), but in the end they won that game 72-71. UConn are favorites but by very little against the Razorbacks, they are favored with -3.5 points. Prediction: UConn -3.5.


Gonzaga vs UCLA (9:45 PM, CBS): The Bulldogs didn't expect TCU to be a tough nut to crack during the second round, as the Bulldogs won that game 84-81. The Bruins, like the Bulldogs, were lethal in the first round, but in the second round they won 68-63 against Northwestern. UCLA are favorites with -2.5. Predictions: Gonzaga +2.5 ATS.