The first team to win a March Madness title was the Oregon Webfoots in 1939, that was the first edition of the tournament. Few schools have been able to win more than one tournament.

John Wooden is among the most remembered head coaches in the tournament as he has a winning record like no other head coach in March Madness.

Losers also have a special place in the list of the 25 most impressive records, some schools and head coaches lost so many finals that they set a losing record almost impossible to break.

These are the top 25 most impressive records in March Madness

1. The first team to win a back-to-back tournament was the Oklahoma A&M Aggies between the 1945 and 1946 seasons. Kentucky were the second team to win a back-to-back between 1948 and 1949.

2. UCLA owns the March Madness biggest winning streak with seven consecutive titles from 1967 to 1973.

3. The Duke Blue Devils were the only team to win a back-to-back title in the 1990s, the first in 1991 and another in 1992.

4. The last March Madness of the 20th century was won by Connecticut 77-74 over Duke, while the first title of the 21st century was won by the Michigan State Spartans 89-76 against Florida.

5. The Florida Gators were the first team to win a back-to-back title in the 21st century, they won during the 2006 and 2007 seasons.

6. UCLA is the team with the most March Madness titles, they have 11 trophies, but all those trophies were won during the 20th century. The last time UCLA won a big title was in 1995.

7. Only once has a final ended with three overtime periods, in 1957 the North Carolina Tar Heels 54-53 against Kansas.

8. So far only eight March Madness titles have ended in overtime, the most recent being in 2019 when Virginia won 85-77 over Texas Tech.

9. Kentucky Wildcats are the second school with the most March Madness titles, they have 8 titles, seven in the 20th century and only one in the 21st century during the 2012 season.

10. John Wooden is the head coach with the most March Madness titles, he has a total of 10 titles, while Mike Krzyzewski is the second head coach on the list with 5 titles.

11. The ACC and the PAC-12 are the two conferences with the most tournament titles with a total of 17 and 16 each respectively.

12. UNLV were the only team capable of scoring 100 points in a March Madness final, they won 103-73 over the Duke Blue Devils in the 1990 season.

13. The lowest scoring National Championship game was in 1941, Wisconsin won 39-34 over Washington State.

14. The first team to set a back-to-back losing record was the Ohio State Buckeyes, they lost two finals against the Cincinnati Bearcats between 1961 and 1962.

15. Until now, the March Madness tournament has only been canceled once, in 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic did not allow the big dance to take place.

16. Mike Krzyzewski is the head coach with the biggest losing record in March Madness, losing four National Championship games against Louisville, UNLV, Arkansas and Connecticut between 1986 and 1999.

17. Mike Krzyzewski is the only head coach with 101 wins in the March Madness tournament, plus he has 13 Final Four appearances.

18. North Carolina, Duke and Kansas are the three with the most March Madness title losses, they lost six National Championship games each.

19. Connecticut are the only team that have never lost a National Championship, they have a perfect record of 4-0.

20. The North Carolina Tar Heels are the only team with 21 Final Four appearances, while UCLA, Kentucky and Duke each have 17 appearances.

21. The Kansas Jayhawks have the biggest streak appearances in the March Madness tournament with a total of 33 appearances since 1990.

22. Only five teams have more than 100 game wins within the tournament, with North Carolina and Kentucky being the teams with the most wins with a total of 131 each.

23. Austin Carr of Notre Dame set the biggest scoring record in a March Madness game in 1970, he scored 61 points against Ohio.

24. Bob Carney and Travis Mays hold the record of most Free Throws Made in a March Madness game, they scored 23 points each in the 1954 and 1990 seasons respectively.

25. Shaquille O'Neal set a March Madness record in 1992 against BYU for the most block shots with a total of 11.

26. Nine triple-doubles have been completed so far during March Madness games, the most recent being in 2019 when Ja Morant scored 17 points, 11 rebounds and 16 assists against Marquette.