Jake Paul was already a succesfull man before he jumped into the boxing world. With more than 20 million suscribers on his Youtube channel, he is one of the highest paid content creators. The question here is: is his performance on the ring as lucrative as his development on the web? 

So far, the The Problem Child has a professional record of 4 fights: all won, 3 by the way of knockout. His next bout will take place on December 18 in the Amalie Arena of Tampa, Florida: he will face the mixed martial artist, and former 3 year long UFC Welterweight Champion, Tyron Woodley.

Settled on the 192 pounds limit, the crash between Jake Paul and Woodley is, in fact, a rematch, cause they have already met this year on August 29. After a heated promotion, the result was a win for the youtuber: a split decision after 8 intense rounds. This was Tyron's debut in boxing. 

Jake Paul's earnings on his boxing adventure

Different reports of specialized boxing websites confirm that Paul has a guaranteed purse of $1.5 million for his rematch against Tyron Woodley. This quantity can increase depending on the success of the PPV sales: the final figure may touch the 4 million dollars. 

On his behalf, Tyron Woodley has assured at least $ 1 million for his second fight as a pro boxer. Furthermore, the former UFC Welterweight Champion could get a juicy bonus if he knocks out The Problem Child: 500 thousand extra dollars may enter to his pocket.

In context, this fight demonstrate Jake Paul's talent for business: his first fight against Woodley represented a 2 million earning (same amount for his mixed martial artist oponent). A huge lap if it is considered that he received "just" $690,000 for his third professional boxing bout, when he defeated Ben Askren, a retired mixed martial artist, with a powerfull KO on the first round.

Tyron Woodley, the remplacement that may turn uncomfortable for Jake Paul

Originally, the opponent for The Problem Child was supposed to be the Tommy Fury: half-brother of Tyson Fury, WBC and Ring Magazine Heavyweight World Champion and one of the top Pound for Pound boxers. Tommy is a professional boxer and represented a major challenge for Jake but a strange bacterial chest infection, combined with a broken rib, pulled him down of the December 18 bout in the Amalie Arena of Tampa, Florida and put Woodley on the boxing scene again.