The Russian Tennis Federation are the 2021 Davis Cup Finals champions. The team defeated Croatia in the final after world No. 5 Andrey Rublev and world No. 2 Daniil Medvedev beat Borna Gojo and Marin Cilic. They are succeeding Spain as the men's tennis world champions. 

The Russian Tennis Federation were considered the favorites to take the trophy and won their ticket into the Davis Cup Final after defeating Germany. US Open champion Medvedev and Rublev led the victory of their team. 

On the other hand, Croatia, led by veteran and Grand Slam-winner Marin Cilic, defeated Serbia, with Novak Djokovic losing another chance to win a big tournament this season. Here, check out the results and bracket of the Davis Cup 2021. 

2021 Davis Cup Finals: Which teams were participating?

This year's Finals will include 18 teams: 12 qualifiers, last year's four semifinalists and two wild card nations. They are divided into six groups of three. The 12 qualifiers are: Australia, Austria, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Sweden and the United States. 

Meanwhile, Spain, Canada, Great Britain and the Russian Tennis Federation qualified after reaching last edition’s semifinals. On the other hand, France and Serbia received wild cards to complete the 18 teams. 

2021 Davis Cup Finals: Format 

The teams are divided into six round-robin groups consisting of three teams. All ties will consist of two singles matches and one doubles match. All the matches are the best of three tie-break sets. 

Then, the six group winners, along with the two second-place teams with the best records based on sets and games won, will move on to the quarterfinals. Finally, the winner of the Davis Cup will be determined by a knockout phase. 

Group A 

Russian Tennis Federation

Group B 


Group C 

Great Britain
Czech Republic 

Group D


Group E 


Group F 


2021 Davis Cup Finals: Results

Group Stage 

Thursday, November 25: Group Stage (10 AM ET) 

France 2-1 Czech Republic - Group C
Canada 3-0. Sweden - Group B
Croatia 0-3 Australia - Group D

Friday, November 26: Group Stage (10 AM ET) 

Serbia 3-0 Austria - Group F
Spain 3-0 Ecuador - Group A
United States 1-2 Italy - Group E

Saturday, November 27: Group Stage

France 1-2 Great Britain - Group C
Australia 2-1 Hungary - Group D 
Kazakhstan 2-1 Sweden - Group B 

Not before 10 AM ET 

Serbia 1-2 Germany - Group F
Russian Tennis Federation 3-0 Ecuador - Group A
Italy 2-1 Colombia - Group E

Sunday, November 28: Group stage

Canada 0-3 Kazakhstan - Group B 
Croatia 2-1 Hungary - Group D
Great Britain 2-1 Czech Republic - Group C
Germany 2-1 Austria - Group F 
Spain 1-2 Russian Tennis Federation - Group A
United States 1-2 Colombia - Group E 


Croatia 2-1 Italy
Great Britain 1-2 Germany 
Serbia 2-1 Kazakhstan
Russian Tennis Federation 2-0 Sweden


Croatia 2-1 Serbia
RTF 2-1 Germany


Croatia 0-2 Russian Tennis Federation 

2021 Davis Cup Finals: Bracket