The world of sports keeps mourning Diego Maradona’s tragic death due to a heart attack. The Argentine icon left this world at the age of 60 in his native country and everybody, not only soccer figures but sports icons have dedicated some words to Diego. 

Mike Tyson, the former youngest World Heavyweight champion, took to Twitter to dedicate a few words to Diego, who he considered a hero and his friend. Diego and Tyson had very similar careers, touching the sky thanks to their talents and losing everything thanks to their wild lifestyles. 

Iron Mike is fighting this Saturday in an exhibition bout with Roy Jones Jr and he took some time to say the last goodbye to Diego, one of the most iconic sportsmen of all time. 

Mike Tyson says goodbye to Diego Maradona 

“The Hand of God, Maradona has left us.  In 86 we both won our championships.  They use to compare the two of us.  He was one of my hero’s and a friend.  I respected him so much.  He will be greatly missed.” Tyson wrote on Twitter. 

They created a very good relationship, something curious knowing how they managed themselves during their lives. Back in 2005, Diego invited Tyson to his variety show ‘La Noche del 10’, where they talked about their lives and careers. 

As Tyson said, Diego will be greatly missed. He left a big mark on the world and even the former ‘baddest man on the planet’ was touched by the magic the player showed whenever he set foot on the football pitch.