Mike Tyson is set to face another former world champion in Roy Jones Jr this Saturday. The boxing bout is for exhibition but the fighters have gotten a lot of attention to this and nobody would like to miss it. 

This is an extraordinary fight between two fighters whose ages total 103 years and the athletic commission has made some exceptions regarding the fighters. Knockouts aren’t allowed in this bout, as the fight is made for the boxers to showcase their abilities. 

No judges will be scoring the fight and only if a fighter decides they aren’t able to continue, the fight will be stopped. Moreover, the athletic commission has decided to make an exception for the fighters if they’re doing a specific drug ahead of their match. 

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr won’t be punished for smoking cannabis 

Mike Tyson has been known for being a fan of weed and at age 53, it is more than obvious that the former youngest World Heavyweight champion uses the drug right now. That would have created a problem for Mike and his rival, but the commission isn’t too worried about it. 

According to BoxingScene, drug testing for marijuana "won't be included" in this fight, making life a lot easier for Iron Mike and Jones. It’s not like they’re fighting for a championship or something and it’s not like marijuana will actually affect their performance that night. 

Mike has a successful cannabis company Tyson Holistic Holdings and he’s fully focused on that. Now he’s taking some time to fight once again against somebody that only retired in 2018. The Staples Center in Los Angeles is ready to see this clash on November 28, although nobody will try to go for the KO.