Since 2014 a new format was adopted in the Division I, also known as Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), to define the national champion of the college football season. Before this new style of tournament, other modalities known as the Bowl Alliance, Bowl Coalition and Bowl Championship Series were played. The latter modality worked until 2013.

ESPN is the main sports channel broadcasting the entire FBS College Football Playoff (CFP) in the US. The television network signed a contract with the NCAA since 2014. Television rights are exclusive to ESPN, but football fans can use the internet and other devices to watch the championship.

The last school to win the College Football Playoff National Championship was the Alabama Crimson Tide for the 2021 season. On top of that, they are the most victorious team in the FBS playoffs. They also share the title most playoff appearances with the Clemson Tigers.


Team selection for the 2022 NCAA College Football Playoff

The teams enter the tournament thanks to the manual selection of several qualified members that make up a panel of 13 people. Most of them are former coaches and athletic directors. They are all part of the conferences at the FBS and they serve a maximum of three years in their positions as members of this group.

Members begin to build a list of the top 25 teams of the season each week and the list is sent to the public every tuesday. This is done in the middle of the regular season. They usually meet in person, but they can also do it virtually to review the list based on the results of each week.

Once the 25 best teams of each week have been selected, at the end of the regular season, the 4 best teams from the list will be chosen to join other 4 for the playoffs. That is, the four teams with the most wins and the best performance of the regular season. The selection includes teams with more than 10 wins and one to no losses.

Other "lists" or rankings such as the AP Poll, Coaches Poll, or any other ranking offered by newspapers or groups specialized in college football, do not have any influence on the list of the 25 best FBS teams for each week of the season. regular season.

2022 College Football National Championship game: Date, time and TV channel

The semifinals are played on the same day, depending on the established date, but it is usually in December, for this season 2022, the semifinals will be played on December 31, 2021. The winning teams of the New Year's Six (the six most important bowls of the FBS) are those who access the semifinals to reach the national championship.

The final will be played in Indianapolis on January 10, 2022 at Lucas Oil Stadium. The national championship broadcast will be at 8:00 PM (ET) on ESPN in the United States. Most of the tickets are already sold but resellers are expected to set prices around the $ 1000 minimum.