Paula Badosa and Stefanos Tsitsipas, two tennis powerhouses, have set the sports world abuzz with their off-court romance, officially announcing their relationship in mid-June. Since then, their social media profiles have become a canvas for their love story, as they openly share glimpses of their lives together, sprinkled with endearing anecdotes.

Their latest revelation comes after Tsitsipas’s media appearance, where he charmingly admitted to a little white lie during their very first date. At a Tennis Talks event, the Greek star recounted the playful moment when he strategically tried to score points with the woman who would soon become his partner. Tsitsipas divulged the story with a smile, sharing it with their fans.

“I’m a big fan of Bad Bunny now and Maluma. I’m listening to reggaeton and Spanish songs from the morning; that has been my reality these days.” However, during their first date, Badosa posed a question that became a playful test. “You don’t know who Bad Bunny is?” she asked. In that moment, Tsitsipas realized he had an opportunity to impress her, and with a mischievous grin, he replied, “Of course, I know who Bad Bunny is. I had no idea who Bad Bunny was, but now I know”.

Badosa Answered to Tsitsipas’ White Lie

Badosa didn’t hold back her reaction to Tsitsipas’ revelation, taking to social media to share the viral moment with her followers and playfully confessing, “I’m dying, small ‘lies’ to pass the test first date”, she posted on her official Instagram account. Tsitsipas’ adorable confession resonated with fans, who couldn’t help but swoon over the genuine and playful dynamic between the couple.

This candid revelation exemplifies the small moments of lightheartedness that strengthen their bond, both on and off the tennis court. In the age of social media, Badosa and Tsitsipas have embraced sharing their journey with their followers, allowing fans to witness the beauty of their relationship.

The viral moment from Tsitsipas’ media event highlights the authenticity and humor that define their romance. Their openness has endeared them to a global audience, creating a heartwarming narrative that resonates beyond the realm of sports. Beyond the tennis world, fans from around the globe join in celebrating the beautiful love story of Paula Badosa and Stefanos Tsitsipas.