Tiger Woods had such a success that he became a well-recognized figure even for people who never seen him play. He became a golf icon and even represents that sport for many persons. Whenever someone thinks about golf, probably the name of this excellent player will come up to mind. He won 82 PGA events, which ranks him first on the all-time list alongside Sam Snead, 15 majors, and marked many records.

There are few athletes capable of being widely recognized for being the best at what they do. Some big names perform so well that they become superstars of their team or country. Others are so great that go beyond that and turn into a sports legend. 

Eldrick Tont Woods, most commonly known as 'Tiger', is one of them. Such as what Tom Brady may be to the NFL or Michael Jordan to the NBA, Tiger Woods is probably the most famous golfer in the world and one of the greatest in the sport's history.

How old is Tiger Woods?

Born on December 30, 1975, Tiger Woods is 45 years old. Having started to play golf as a child and after going through different stages such as junior, college, and amateur level, he became a professional golf player at the age of 20, in the year 1996. Soon, he started to impress among the best of the world and had a wonderful rise until becoming the legend he is nowadays.

Who is Tiger Woods' girlfriend now?

Tiger Wood's girlfriend's is Erica Herman, who is alongside the legendary golf player since 2017. She frequently supported him at the competitions in which he plays and in other events where the golfer takes part. Earlier in his life, Woods was married to Erin Nordegren. They have been married for six years and even had two children together, but they split up in 2010 with infidelity issues surrounding him.

How tall is Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods' height is certainly impressive, as he is 6 ft 1 (1.85 m) tall. However, many golf players have a similar height. The average golfer is nearly 6 feet tall, so, Woods' case isn't too strange at all, and height is not always an advantage in golf. But whether it is or not, Woods became an excellent player, and that didn't necessarily have to do with his height. 

What is Tiger Woods net worth?

The amazing achievements that he conquered throughout his extremely successful playing career not only provided him with a lot of fame but in the way, he made a lot of money too. Tiger Woods has an estimated net worth of $900 million, a mind-blowing figure that has to do with his average $50 million earnings per year. However, it is believed that he received much more throughout his entire career.

 How many Masters has Tiger Woods won?

Tiger Woods won five times the Masters tournament, one of the four major championships in golf. Only one year after turning pro, he claimed it for the first time in 1997, then recorded two straight triumphs in 2002 and 2003, and won it once again in 2005. Many years later, Woods incredibly won his fifth Masters in 2019.