You don't have to be a basketball connoisseur to know that Stephen Curry is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Even if you don't follow the NBA, chances are that you've heard his name all over the news.

That's why most people expected him to suit up for Team USA and play in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, as he was called up by USA Basketball as well as most of the best players in the Association.

So, how come the Golden State Warriors superstar is nowhere to be found when we look up Team USA's roster for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics? What happened to Stephen Curry? Worry not, as we're about to answer those questions.

Why Isn't Stephen Curry Playing For Team USA In The Tokyo 2020 Olympics?

Even though Team USA invited him to join the squad, Stephen Curry had to decline. That's because the 33-year-old superstar is coming off a couple of injury-riddled seasons and is looking to heal a tailbone fracture he endured several months ago.

The Golden State Warriors leaned on Curry to make the playoffs and he was one of the top finalists to win MVP. But now that he's not getting any younger, he decided to take the full summer to get back to full strength.

Has Stephen Curry Ever Played In The Olympics?

Surprisingly, Stephen Curry has never played in the Olympics. He had committed to playing last year before the Olympic Games were postponed due to the pandemic. Now, he's not likely to ever be featured in one, as he'll be 37 when the next Games come.

Curry has played in a couple of FIBA World Cups (2010 in Turkey, and 2014 in Spain) with Team USA, taking home the gold medal both times but that was before he broke out as the superstar he is nowadays.