Michigan got a historic 30-24 win over Ohio State in the most anticipated game of the year in college football. As a consequence, an icon of the Wolverines such as Tom Brady remembered a bet he offered to C.J. Stroud, the tremendous young prospect of the Buckeyes who is shining with the Houston Texans.

Following his college career at Michigan, Brady was selected by the Patriots with the famous 199th pick in the 2000 NFL Draft. After Drew Bledsoe got injured, Brady received the opportunity by head coach Bill Belichick and the rest is history.

Six Super Bowls won with New England and one more with Tampa to become the greatest player ever. Now, while enjoying retirement, Tom Brady sent an incredible message to Stroud.

The quarterback of the Texans is the leading candidate for Rookie of the Year and might be in the race for Most Valuable Player. “Smart move not taking the bet @CJ7STROUD. At least you keep the rocket arm and 4.4 40 time.”

Michigan vs Ohio State: The bet between Tom Brady and C.J. Stroud

During an episode of his Let’s Go podcast, Tom Brady challenged C.J. Stroud with a huge offer before the long awaited game between Michigan and the Buckeyes.

“So, we got a bet. If Ohio State wins, you get one of my Super Bowl rings. If Michigan beats Ohio State, then you got to give me all your youth, your agility, your time in the 40 and all your future years in the NFL. How about that?”

Stroud ironically accepted the wager, but, immediately refused the Super Bowl ring. “That’s a bet. I’m not going to take your Super Bowl ring, Tom. That’s yours, bro. I want one of my own.”

That’s why, after Michigan beat Ohio State, Brady acknowledged it was a smart choice by C.J. Stroud to back down.

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Will Michigan win the national championship?