Canelo Alvarez has a very special night prepared for thousands of fans in his long awaited return to Mexico. This Saturday, the best boxer in the world will fight against John Ryder trying to defend his titles in the super middleweight division.

It's gonna be a celebration of boxing, but also about Mexican culture and Canelo knows the event is a huge showcase for his country. That's why music will be a very special ingredient. A lot of surprises could be coming. 

Peso Pluma was the favorite to sing the Mexican anthem at Estadio Akron in Guadalajara as he's the star of the moment. However, Canelo Alvarez took a different direction and chose Beto Vega

Who is singing the Mexican anthem in Canelo Alvarez vs John Ryder fight?

Beto Vega is 26 years old and was born in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora. He is one of the best singers of the Regional Mexican genre. He is part of the famous Vega family which has become very popular thanks to his father Freddy ‘Chuy’ Vega and his brothers Cornelio, Freddy, Ramon, Sergio and Chuy.

Vega recorded his first song when he was 14-years old and his official debut came four years later. It was an amazing introduction performing alongside the famous Banda MS in Los Angeles.

Now, Beto Vega is one of the most recognized names in Mexican music thanks to hits such as Con un solo beso, El señoron, Aires de grandeza and A puño limpio. This last song gained the attention of Saul Alvarez as it was a corrido to honor the boxer.

From that point on, Canelo Alvarez and Beto Vega became great friends and they will be together in the fight with John Ryder. Though Peso Pluma was the favorite, Vega will have the honor of performing the Mexican anthem in Guadalajara.