In 1994, George Foreman starred one of the most epic tales in boxing history. He won the WBA and IBF World Heavyweight Championship after knocking out Michael Moorer being 45 years old. At the time, right by his side was Bob Arum, as his promoter. Now, after Arum was legally accused of racist behavior by Terrence CrawfordBig George supports him.

On January 12, Crawford has filed a lawsuit in Nevada against the 90-year-old promoter, for allegedly damaging his boxing career due to racism. The current WBO World Welterweight Champion is demanding the payment of $10 million as compensation. 

The Nebraska native has also pointed on his lawsuit that not only him, but other members of the boxing community have suffered Arum's "revolting racial bias", all of them color people such as Floyd Mayweather Jr, legendary World Champion in 5 different weight classes, and Al Haymon, promoter. 

George Foreman supports Bob Arum in the face of Terrence Crawford lawsuit

George Foreman was promoted by Bob Arum on his come back to boxing after a 10-year retirement and lived close to him the moment in which he became the oldest fighter to win a World Heavyweight title. As a black fighter, he assures he has never felt any sign of racism on the part of Top Rank founder and chairman. 

"He’s not a saint, but Bob Arum is one of the finest men I know,” stated Foreman to Yahoo Sports.“You could call me about 25 other guys, 30 other guys, and ask me that question and I wouldn’t return the call. But not this one. Nuh-uh. He’s got a passion for his fellow man".

Moreover, Big George has also shared that his heart broke after noticing the accusations Terrence Crawford has made against Arum, the one who always have supported him like at the time he accomplished the feat of knocking out Michael Moorer in 1994: “He gave me the most passionate hug and said, ‘George, praise the Lord! For someone to accuse a guy like that of racism, it’s wrong. But you know what they say: All is fair in love and war".

Bob Arum statement after being sued by Crawford

Also as an answer to Yahoo Sports', Bob Arum shared his point of view of the accusations made by Terrence Crawford. Arum has worked so far with legendary black fighters such as already mentioned George Foreman, Muhammad Ali, Thomas Hearns, and Marvin Hagler among others.

Crawford’s lawsuit against Top Rank is frivolous. Its vile accusations of racism are reckless and indefensible. He knows it and his lawyer knows it. I have spent my entire working life as a champion of black boxers, Latino boxers and other boxers of color. I have no doubt the court will see Crawford’s case for the malicious extortion attempt that it is", said Arum.

More signs of support to Bob Arum

George Foreman was not the only legend to back up the 90-year-old promoter on his legal issue with Terrence Crawford. Muhammad Ali's daughter, Rasheda has shown his trust and gratitude to Arum on social media. 

"Bob Arum stood with my father when the world was against him. Bob and my father are a big reason why Black and Brown athletes are fairly compensated today. Proud that my son Nico Ali Walsh is part of Team Top Rank", posted Rasheda on Twitter.