Holding the WBC, WBA, and IBF World Super welterweight belts is not enough for Jermell Charlo to be happy. He is ahead of one of the most anticipated boxing fights of 2022, a clash against Brian Castaño but he does not agree with how the fight preparations are going on. Neither with the rumors about a possible challenge from Terrence Crawford

The 31-years-old fighter held a thrilling fight against Castaño in July 2021. It was necessary to go to the cards to figure out who the winner had been, but the judges decreed a Split Decision Draw. Both warriors wanted an immediate rematch that has been postponed three times. It seems that finally will happen on May 14.

A huge reward awaits the winner of the Charlo vs Castaño bout: become the Undisputed Super welterweight Champion. Nowadays in boxing, there are only 2 boxers that hold that honor: the Scottish Josh Taylor, in the 140 pounds, and Canelo Alvarez, in the Super middleweight class.

What is Jermell Charlo complaining about Brian Castaño?

The second fight between the Iron Man (34-1-1, 18 KOs) and the Argentinian WBO 154 pounds Champion (17-0-2, 12 KOs) was supposed to be held first on February 26, then it was moved to March 19, to finally be rescheduled, apparently for good, on May 14. The latter reason was Castaño's biceps injury. This upset Jermell Charlo cause he believes the real motive is other.

"These guys are from Argentina. Not to talk bad about Argentina. But when you know that the risk is very high and that your reward might be a little low, you’ll try to find every type of way to take advantage... I asked for legal drug testing. I asked them to drug test on Tuesday and then, all of a sudden, on a Thursday, he pulls out the fight." stated Jermell on Brian Custer's The Last Stand Podcast.

It seems that Charlo's circle asked him to cool down, but the explosive character of the Louisiana native has won the battle: "I was told to be quiet. Sorry, I can’t be quiet. Can’t be quiet when holding all these belts in the back and you know your life is on the life and your family cares, so then I started thinking like, 'Hold on, I must speak up.'”.

Jermell Charlo's message to Welterweight Champion Terrence Crawford

Bud Crawford has shared his intentions of moving up to the 154 pounds weight class to try to become a three-division World Champion and has pointed out Jermell Charlo as his main target. This was motivated because of his unsuccessful attempts to clash with Errol Spence Jr, one of the mega-fights boxing fans have anticipated for a long time.

How ‘bout he do what’s best and go fight Errol Spence, then? Shut up, take a little bit less money, be quiet, humble yourself, and fight Errol Spence, he a stud. Do what he say, and you might (get the fight). Sit yo ass in your weight division and see if you can beat one of them. Be the challenger sometimes. These people don’t know how to do that. They don't know how to be the challenger. That’s his problem. He thinks he’s too high up on the horse.” expressed Jermell Charlo again to Brian Custer's The Last Stand Podcast.

Charlo also shared his prediction about what could happen if he meets Terrence Crawford on the ring in the 154 pounds: “Come f...g with me you gonna get knocked the f...ck out. I’m a knockout artist baby. I ain’t here to play no games. I don’t get paid for overtime. I don't see him beating me, with the skills that I have and how hard I really go, and how hard I train. He barely doing the stuff that I was doing in 2010.