If the hypothetical fight between Jake Paul and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr is as fired as the verbal war among themselves, it may turn into a boxing classic. The Mexican boxer used again his social media to unbosom himself: insulted Paul and made a raw prediction for his possible fight against the Youtuber.

Chavez Jr was the first World Middleweight Champion in the history of Mexico. As the son of a world boxing legend, like Julio Cesar Chavez, Julito was fulfilling the expectations over him. Nevertheless, after he lost his undefeated condition in 2012, in a bout against Sergio Martinez, his career, and maybe his personal life also, fell apart.

He could never return to the boxing elite and suffered 5 more defeats in his 12 last clashes. Also, he was suspended by several Box and Athletic Commissions for refusing to participate in antidoping tests. But now, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr does not want to lose his possible last train to come back to the eyes of the boxing community: a fight against Jake Paul.

The dirty talk of Julio Cesar Chavez to Jake Paul

In the previous days, Jake Paul stated that he would like to fight Julio Cesar Chavez Jr (53-6-1, 34 KO's) to legitimate his boxing career after having fought non-traditional and real boxers in his 5 clashes so far. The Problem Child said that Julito was a beatable opponent. The answer to that blow has come. 

"(Jake Paul) He is just a disheveled, bad boxer, heavy and paunchy who wants to take advantage of the bad times I have passed by to help him to shine in boxing. I can assure you that I will kick his ass. The winner of our fight should take all the money", stated Julito on his social media.

Just as Jake Paul, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr is fully confident in winning the still hypothetical fight between them. However, the Mexican boxer prediction is much more detailed than the one the Youtuber has made: "Jake Paul is a piece of garbage and I will knock him out", said Chavez Jr.