Apparently, life smiles again to former boxing champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. The Culiacan native has revealed good news about his COVID-19 infection and also relating to the possibility of a fight against Youtuber Jake Paul in the upcoming months of 2022.

On January 6 evening, Julito shared on his Instagram account that he was infected with the virus after being tested for the third time due to the presence of symptoms. He regretted having been finally hunted by COVID-19 after all this time undefeated. 

Hours later, the next day, Chavez Jr made an update about his health condition and also confirmed that he will fight on February 18 against an opponent to be confirmed. This compromise will be considered as a tune-up for the clash most of his fans want: the one with Jake Paul.

How is Julio Cesar Chavez Jr doing with his COVID-19 infection? 

Just like if he were hugged by Lady Luck, the former and first Mexican World Middleweight Champion announced that he might not be fully infected by the virus, or at least this is what Chavez Jr shared again on his Instagram account.

"I have good news: it seems that this is all about antibodies. I feel fine at times. Maybe those who already were infected understand what I mean: at times, you feel bad, and then you feel good. My body feels hot inside but there is no fever. I pray a lot to God for me", stated the son of might Julio Cesar Chavez Sr.

Will the Chavez Jr fight against Jake Paul really happen? 

"Another good news is that I will fight on February 18 and also it seems that I will also face the Youtuber (Jake Paul), however, he might be afraid of me. I hope it will be done. It is very possible, almost sure if he does the things right. I am ready for anybody, even more for a guy that is not a fighter", shared the Culiacan native. 

So, the ball is on Jake Paul's court. If the Problem Child offers him a well-balanced earning contract, just like Chavez Jr has demanded before, his first clash against a real boxer, not a Mixed Martial Artist, could be done this year.