Floyd Mayweather refuses to leave the ring. Even if it is not as a professional fighter, he wants to continue creating boxing memories on it, and on February 20, he might add a new extravagant one. His next fight will be on a Helipad in Dubai against the Emirati Youtuber, Money Kicks

Rashed Belhasa, Money Kick's real name, has confirmed the rumors that pointed him as Floyd's next opponent. He said to Sky Sports that the negotiations to sign the contract are at "the last stage" and the fact of facing one of the recent legends in boxing is for real.

"I grew up with lions. I am not scared of any human being, and I will never fear any human" told Money Kicks in a very confident way. However, he also confessed to the same media his admiration for the very possible opponent of his third boxing fight so far: "I never thought I would ever fight Floyd. He is the best fighter ever. When I was young I would collect his 'The Money Team' caps".

What would Money Kicks do if he beats Floyd Mayweather?

The famous Emirati Youtuber wants to make history. Although it may sound crazy, he considers there is at least a little chance to defeat Floyd Mayweather, feat boxing superstars like Oscar de la Hoya, Canelo Alvarez, and Manny Pacquiao have not accomplished. 

"I won't lie to myself. Entering to the ring with him is an honor. I will try my best. You never know, any punch can land, and I have heavy hands. If he underestimates me? A punch can come. Anything can happen, I am much taller than him".

Money Kicks has already received the advice of Mayweather's last opponent: his fellow Youtuber Logan Paul. With the tips Paul shared with him, Belhasa feels confident enough to visualize what would he do if he wins the fight by the most spectacular way: "If I knock him out, I would not sleep for a year", said in the same interview for Sky Sports.