Tyson Fury's campaign to be the social media top bully continues. While the Gipsy King is still waiting to know which his next boxing fight is going to be, he invests his time in smashing his possible, or at least, desired rivals. Anthony Joshua was the last victim of Fury's acid humor.

The World Boxing Council (WBC) has ordered Fury to face his countryman Dillian Whyte as a mandatory bout to defend his World Heavyweight title. However, it seems the fight is far away to be agreed upon. One of the main reasons is the ruled purse bid of 80 / 20 in Tyson's favor. 

The Gipsy King is promoted by Bob Arum's Top Rank and Frank Warren; Whyte's promoter is Matchroom Boxing Eddie Hearn. According to Boxing Scene, Arum has already sent an initial offer to Dillian which guarantees not 20 but 25 % of the purse, but it has been turned down cause the Villain wants no less than $10 million. 

Tyson Fury focuses on bothering Anthony Joshua on social media

Regardless of the purse bid situation, the 33-year-old boxer has not shown much enthusiasm in facing Dillian Whyte. Before fighting for the third time Deontay Wilder in October 2021, his publicly announced plan was to clash against Anthony Joshua, and this idea might not have left his mind, because he searches for a way to draw AJ's attention. 

Tyson Fury threw a new blow to Joshua on social media. His target: the well-trained physique of Anthony. It is evident that the Gipsy King has many talents, but to sculpt his body to have a low-fat percentage is not one of them. However, he emphasized how the body-builder appearance of Joshua has not helped him at all to keep his undefeated and his World Champion belts.

Fury's flirting with UFC Champion Francis Ngannou keeps on

According to his own words, what fully provokes Tyson Fury's excitement is not the idea of facing Dillian Whyte, but to star a crossover against UFC World Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou. The Cameroonian and the British have already exchanged words about it on social media and Tyson's "promotion" of the event continues. 

"Think of the Clash of the Titans: Fury vs Ngannou. I am very excited, very excited. I think this would be an absolutely amazing fight. Las Vegas. The world would want to see the Clash of the Heavyweight Titans," said Fury on a video of his own in which he tagged his promoter company Top Rank and Dana White's UFC.