Floyd Mayweather has emerged again in the boxing scene to announce his next exhibition fight. The extravagant venue and city that will host the event are already known but, his future rival is still a mystery. The speculation started in 2021 when the Emirati Youtube Money Kicks revealed he was in talks to share the ring with the Pretty Boy. His name may be ahead of others on the list. 

"I spoke about Money Kicks before and we do not really know. He is from here (UAE), so it would be great. It is going to be a very special crowd, not so many people. The kid, Money Kicks, is doing great things and I am liking what I am seeing so we will see", stated Mayweather at the press conference in where he revealed his come back to the ring.

So far in his exhibition fights, called now by him as "limited edition boxing showcases", Floyd Mayweather has faced non-professional boxers. First, in 2018, he knocked out Japanese Kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa; then, in 2021, he fought against Youtube Logan Paul in Miami. 

Who is Money Kicks, Mayweather's possible next opponent?

Officially named Rashed Belhasa, he started his path as an influencer in 2013. The now 20 years old Youtuber has 3.2 million subscribers on Youtube and 2 million both on Twitter and on Instagram. His less popular social media platform is Tik Tok with just a quarter of a million followers.

Money Kicks is the son of Saif Ahmed Belhasa an Emirati businessman owner of companies in diverse sectors such as education, transportation, energy, and advertising. He is known for being one of the richest boys in the Middle East.

Just as Jake Paul, Money Kicks is a Youtuber with a history in boxing. He has fought twice in 2021. His record is 2-0 after defeating Anas Elshayib, on the cards, and Ajmal Khan, by the way of knockout, both Internet celebrities.