Jake Paul is still looking for the great moment that impulses his boxing career. Now, he will face Anderson Silva, a former mixed martial arts fighter, but not everyone is thrilled about this match. An UFC legend has established that the actor doesn't deserve to win against the Brazilian.

It is known that recently the fights between celebrities and real boxers have developed. Jake Paul has been keen on the idea to become professional by facing fighters that could be difficult for him.

Recently, the former actor has revealed he wants a top contestant for a fight. Jake Paul has said that his next step is Canelo Alvarez, but first he needs to defeat Anderson Silva next October.

Michael Bisping attacks Jake Paul and his desire to defeat Anderson Silva

Jake Paul and Anderson Silva will face each other in October 29 in Arizona. The Brazilian will un-retire from professionalism to fight against the former actor, but not everyone thinks it is a good idea.

"Jake Paul's young, he'll be afforded that luxury, he'll be afforded that leeway to say, 'You lost to a legend'. If Silva loses to Jake Paul, I'll be devastated because Jake Paul doesn't deserve to have a victory over Anderson," said Michael Bisping, UFC's legend, on his YouTube channel.