The 2023 World Baseball Classic kicked off on March 8 with the Netherlands' 4-2 victory over Cuba in a low attendance of 6,501 fans at Taichung Stadium in Taiwan.

Most of the Asian games that were played during the early days of the tournament had low attendance with the exception of the Tokyo Dome games with an average of 35,000+ fans per game (4 games with 40k+ and one game with 14k).

On the other hand, the US-based games were played in Florida and Arizona, LoanDepot Park and Chasefield respectively, only one game in the United States had a little more than 45 thousand fans.

What was the game with the highest attendance at the 2023 World Baseball Classic?

The Group Stage was not going to have the biggest number of fans but a Group Stage game had the biggest attendance so far (March 20) with 47,534 fans, it was the game between Mexico and United States, the Mexicans won 11-5.

The second game with the biggest attendance so far has been the Quarter-finals game between Italy and Japan with 41,723 fans. The Japanese won that game 9-3.

The semifinals began with Cuba vs United States, the Cubans lost 2-14 and that game had an attendance of 35,779.