Aaron Nola brought his A-game against the New York Mets on Friday and tied a 51-year-old MLB record for the most straight strikeouts that former Mets' legend Tom Seaver held since 1970

The Philadelphia Phillies pitcher has done it all by himself against the Mets as his ten consecutive strikeouts were not helped by his team's performance, but Nola made history anyways.

Moreover, it seemed that Nola was on his way to breaking Seaver's record as his streak seemed to have no limits until Pete Alonso's double finished his red-hot form. Check out what the social media had to say about it.

Fans react to Nola tying the MLB record for most consecutive strikeouts

Heading to the fourth inning, the Phillies pitcher was already close to tying Tom Seaver's record after an impressive individual start to the game, which remained scoreless when he finally accomplished it.

Aaron Nola struck out ten New York Mets hitters in a row before Pete Alonso ended his run with a double but pulled off an amazing performance anyways as he even tied his career-high of 12 strikeouts and sparked hilarious memes on the Internet.

It was a historic day for Aaron Nola and MLB fans, who weren't expecting to see Tom Seaver's 51-year-old record being tied today. Then again, these are the kinds of things that explain why we fell in love with this game.