Bobby Bonilla had solid career in Major League Baseball. He was a respected slugger and a beloved character in most clubhouses. However, he's not exactly remembered by fans for being a good player.

If anything, Bobby Bonilla became famous agreeing to one of the most bizarre and unique deals in sports history. He delayed the payment of his contract and, even though he hasn't played in over a decade, he's still getting money for his services.

The New York Mets parted ways with Bonilla in 2000 after his second stint with the team. So, why are they still paying him after 21 years? And why will they continue to pay him every July 1 until 2035?

What's Bobby Bonilla Day?

Well, back in 2000, the New York Mets still owed Bobby Bonilla $6 million from the remainder of his contract. Money was tight as they were investing in a Ponzi scheme led by Bernie Maddoff, so they thought of an alternative plan.

Instead of paying Bonilla the $6 million, they agreed to delay the payments until 2011. Then, every July 1 he would get nearly $1.2 million dollars until 2035, thus turning those $6 million into $29 million.

Bobby Bonilla Speaks On Mock Holiday

So, after a decade of collecting checks from the Mets organization, the 58-year-old finally opened up on this infamous mock holiday that most fans have celebrated every July 1 for the past decade:

"No one will forget July 1," Bonilla said. "Strangers will stop me and say, 'Oh, my God, that's the greatest deal ever." "Indeed, it is!" he replies.

So, the next time you want to get involved in a fishy investment scheme, just remember that the New York Mets lost a bunch load of money from that rip-off and that they're still paying for a guy that hasn't been on their roster for over 20 years now.