Last night when the San Diego Padres faced the San Francisco Giants, Fernando Tatis Jr suffered a scary non-contact injury. He swung and miss a pitch and ended up on the floor in pain and holding his left shoulder.

Tatis Jr was taken out of the game right away and according to Sporting News, there's no knowledge right now as to if that injury is related to the one 'El Niño' suffered during Spring Training:

"Per the team, he suffered a subluxation of the shoulder, which basically means his humerus popped partially out of his shoulder joint. Tatis did hurt his left (non-throwing) shoulder late in spring training on a routine play in the field. It is not known whether the injuries are related," read the report.

How Long Is Fernando Tatis Jr Out?

As of now, there's no clear timetable or return date for the Padres' superstar. Usually, these kinds of injuries take several weeks to fully recover, but we can expect the Friars to be extremely cautious with their franchise cornerstone.

Tatis Jr is expected to undergo further evaluation over the next couple of days but it seems like a stint in the Injured List is inevitable at this point, especially if he also compromised his tendons, ligaments, or rotator cuff.

The Dominican stalwart has struggled with injuries throughout his brief career in Major League Baseball and that's exactly why some people want him to 'tone down' his reckless game a little bit. Then again, non-contact injuries simply happen and there's no way to avoid them.

There's no denying that the Padres' aspirations would take a massive hit without their starting shortstop ready to go. At least, they have Korean star Ha-Seong Kim to fill in his shoes while he fully recovers.