Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels has been way above any other superstar in the season so far. He is definitely running the show in the MLB as he keeps on breaking records and cementing his superstar status.

Baseball enthusiasts agree that we are running out of words to describe him anymore, as he is doing things that didn't seem possible up to now. That's why some people are already comparing him to the biggest names of the game.

Former MLB star David Justice has gone further by claiming that Ohtani is even better than Babe Ruth, considered the ultimate reference when it comes to talking about legendary players.

David Justice explains why he thinks Ohtani is better than Babe Ruth

Talking to TMZ Sports, the ex-Atlanta Braves outfielder has showered praise on who's the leading superstar in the league right now, even explaining why he considers he is better than The Bambino. Justice first described Ohtani as "special." Then he added: "To be able to throw and pitch at the big league level, and then hit the way he hits..."

When asked about the comparisons with Babe Ruth, he claimed Ohtani was better without any doubt. "Babe Ruth played against farmers. They pitched the whole game back then. You see the gloves they played with? (...) By the way, (Ruth) only played against one race. You didn't play against none of the Negro League players. You didn't play against none of the Asian players. You didn't play none of the Latin players. So, you only played against this population of players," he stated.

However, Justice didn't want anybody to get him wrong, he's got nothing against Ruth and he actually recognizes what Ruth has accomplished: "You gotta give Babe credit because he was dominating who he was playing against.

"I don't want it to sound like I'm hating on Babe, it's just that I'm giving extra love to Ohtani," he explained. Additionally, Justice considers Ohtani can 'absolutely' win both Cy Young award and American League MVP this season. "It's possible even if he don't do it this year, it is possible any year. Because that's the type of talent that he has. He's special. He's a rarity, I love watching that guy play," he added.

If Ohtani wasn't already making enough fans on all those who watched him this year, now he has even received the ultimate praise from a former Major League Baseball star.